membrane waste treatment


Ontario Cyanide Destruct System

Phoenix Gold Mine, Red Lake

An SO2 cyanide destruct system for Rubicon Phoenix Gold Mine in Red Lake, Ontario was designed and manufactured under contract with Gekko Systems of Australia. Oxygen is now commonly employed to treat process tailings from gold plants. The oxygen process has greater flexibility and lower energy requirements because it has greater utilization than other processes. The system meets the target limits of the Ministry of Environment and the ICMI Code compliance, which can be as low as 1 mg/L CN total or less than 50 mg/L weak acid dissociable (WAD) cyanide for the discharge of final tails into a tailings storage facility.

Wastewater filtration pilot

Mount Polley, BC

Process Manufacturing partner BI Pure Water designed and built a pilot system to test wastewater treatment methods to reduce the amount of waste water in tailing storage ponds for Imperial Metals Corp. Ultrafiltration/RO was ultimately found to be the best treatment, even in a northern BC winter with cold water. The system was capable of filtering out aluminum silicate, calcium, iron and manganese and reducing the tailings waste water. Unfortunately the Mount Polley Mine storage pond wall breached on Aug. 4, 2014 before a system could be implemented.

Contract Manufactured Electrochemical Plants

spring wire manufacturing systemSpring wire manufacture
high voltage power cable manufacturing systemPower cable manufacture
stainless steel manufacturing systemStainless Steel screen manufacture
valve spring wire manufacturing systemValve spring wire manufacture
high fibre optic cable manufactured systemFibre optic cable manufacture
machine wire manufactured systemMachining wire manufacture
manufactured electrochemical systemElectrochemical System
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