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Package Treatment Plants

Site C pumphousesFactory built systems in containers are saving costs for facilities and remote work sites, worldwide. Any manufacturing system can be scaled to be mounted on a skid, built inside a custom steel frame building, sized to fit in an existing building, or housed in a container for shipping.

The system is designed, built, and tested in the factory, taking advantage of factory efficiencies and having the advantage of construction in weeks, much faster and less expensively than on-site. After shipping the package built plants are rapidly commissioned. Local staff are trained to operate, with the support of remote monitoring and service.

Containerized systems are ideal for decentralized or remote camps and communities, without waste infrastructure. Inside, the package plant looks like any building — with robust treatment components and control panel in a bright, air tight, long lasting, insulated and mildew free, rodent proof structure. These containerized treatment systems are more resilient in major environmental events such as earthquakes, fire, and flooding. They are also portable and can be moved from one site to another.

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