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Process Manufacturing is a company owned by Norm Chow of Kemetco Research and Testing Labs, and Scott Foster, president of BI Pure Water manufacturing.

Kemetco is an integrated science, technology and innovation company providing scientific expertise in the field of Specialty Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Process and Extractive Metallurgy. Norm Chow is a professional engineer and Vice President of Process Manufacturing.

BI Pure Water has been manufacturing containerized water and waste treatment plants for over 20 years. BI Pure Water provides engineering expertise and large manufacturing facilities at the port of Vancouver (Surrey, BC). BI Pure Water also provides remote construction project management, commissioning and servicing. Scott Foster is the president of BI Pure Water and Process Manufacturing.

Cyanide Detox authority Randy Agius

Randy Agius Randy Agius, a world renowned pioneer involved in the INCO SO2/Air Process, is now a consultant for Process Manufacturing and an employee of Kemetco.

Mr. Agius will be directing all cyanide destruction research and development programs. He also conducts on-site evaluations and commissions to ensure detox systems are cost-effective and satisfy all permitting requirements.

Agius designs, develops, and installs turnkey cyanide destruction systems, bringing his extensive expertise and the latest technologies directly to the mine site.

Agius presents extensively at mining conferences such as with the short course on Gold Processing at the World Gold conference, COM 2017 Conference of Metallurgists, in Vancouver, Canada, August 2017.


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